End-of-life announcement for certain CloudCare services

Last updated on 31 May 2023

As announced previously, the Email Security Services (ESS) and Shadow Protect (SP) services were discontinued on February 28, 2023. These legacy services were based on 3rd-party technology that was soon to be retired by their respective vendors.

Secure Web Gateway (SWG) will be discontinued on December 31, 2023The sale of prepaid SWG subscriptions ended on March 31, 2023. Eligible partners can still use the monthly (post-paid) subscriptions. Similarly, all existing prepaid SWG subscriptions remain active until the End-of-Life date.

Other CloudCare services not mentioned here remain unaffected.

Past milestones
Date Milestone Implications
October 2022 Secure Web Gateway
Sale of 2- and 3-year subscriptions discontinued
Partners can still buy/renew 1-year* and/or monthly subscriptions

February 28, 2023 Email Security Services
End-of-Life / End-of-Support
Service discontinued
February 28, 2023 Shadow Protect
End-of-Life / End-of-Support
Service discontinued
April 1, 2023

Secure Web Gateway
End-of-Life / End-of-Support

Eligible partners can still use monthly (post-paid) subscriptions.
Existing prepaid subscriptions will work until the End-of-Life date.

Upcoming milestones 
Date Milestone Implications
December 31, 2023 Secure Web Gateway 
End-of-Life / End-of-Support
Service discontinued




Existing deployments of ESS, SP, and SWG will be supported until their respective EoL dates.

Before the EOL:

  • Email Security Services: Partners may request an export of their archive. In case the archive is larger than 500 GB, an external HDD must be sent to the vendor. If you would like to export the data, please let our Customer Care team know as soon as possible. Direct instructions on how to successfully close accounts in ESS are available here.

  • Secure Web Gateway: We will keep 1-year and monthly subscriptions available for purchase and renewal in CloudCare. When a particular SWG service is terminated (as a result of the general SWG EoL) while a valid subscription still exists, the outstanding portion of the subscription will be refunded to you on a prorated basis

  • ShadowProtect: Direct instructions on how to uninstall and discontinue SP are available here.

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